Promoting Peace Activism in district Jacobabad

DES-Pakistan implemented the project, “Promoting Peace activism in district Jacobabad” the youth of the three Tehsils of the district was engaged to involve in project’s activities. The youth from different educational academies and institutions were included and they were named as Jacobabad Peace Actors Forum (JPAF), the training sessions for these Jacobabad Peace Actors Forum (JPAF) were conducted at tehsil level and even at district level. After attending the training sessions, these Jacobabad Peace Actors Forum (JPAF) were assigned the tasks for conducting awareness sessions with communities for promoting peace, harmony and tolerance in the society. The community gave a positive response to the peace actors. DES Pakistan conducted the International Human Solidarity day, the objective of the activity was, promoting human values in the community. The speakers from different religions, and CSOs highlighted their ideas about the topic. The youth activists participated in all the events conducted under the umbrella of project, The JPAF members on the behalf of project participated in the different events, programs, parties and corner meetings organized by different social and political groups of the district, the members of the forum highlighted and conveyed the massage of peace, harmony and CVE. The youth, whatever learned from training for peace promoting, they implemented at their areas they conducted meetings with community members and transferred the same message of peace, harmony and prosperity through brotherhood. The impact on the community was positive because they started discussing the same points in their gatherings. Promoting peace activism in Jacobabad, the ideas, suggestions and views were shared for peace promoting at the region. The overall thinking of the people of rural areas changed somehow, the major example of this, the participation of all stakeholders in large number, in the activities, like, Speech competitions, Awareness Sessions and District level peace festival. The people from all walks of life, like, students, CSOs members, Business community, minorities, religious people, government officials and politicians, participated, and appreciated the DES Pakistan team for the promoting peace in the region. Start Date: December 14, 2018 End Date: June 30, 2019.